11. Files, Security, Waivers

11.1 Project Folder Structure

Maintaining consistent file naming and structure is critical for referenced (linked) files to function properly across Design Teams and for end users such as facilities managers to retrieve files quickly once the project is complete. For this reason, the Design and Construction Teams shall define a file protocol for the team when the BMP(s) is developed.

  1. BIM Folders—BIM Files shall be sorted by model files and sheet files.
    • Model Files—Original files from other disciplines should be linked from their discipline folder location and relative path to models. Model file names shall follow file naming convention outlined in the BMP.
    • Sheet Files—PDF and native file formats of the most current sheets shall be maintained in this folder and organized with sheet file naming outlined in File Naming and Numbering of VA CAD Standards.
  2. Support Files—Standard items needed for the project, such as a project specific symbols, applications (lisp, script, etc.), logos and graphics. Project Specific Model Content can also be placed here.
  3. Coordination Files—Files for Construction coordination (clash detection) shall be managed by the BIM Manager, and organized by date as the project progresses.
  4. Other Folders—Renderings, analyses, LEED, etc., will have their own folders.

11.2 Data Security

Design Teams shall establish a data security protocol to prevent any possible data corruption, virus "infections," and data misuse or deliberate damage by their own employees or outside sources. Both the Design Team and Construction teams shall establish adequate user access rights to prevent data loss or damage during file exchange, maintenance, and archiving.

11.3 Waivers

Situations could arise where adherence to this standard may be problematic. If such a situation arises, the party creating the data must request a waiver. The VA is not opposed to such requests, but the request must identify the specific standard for which the waiver is requested, the reason for the waiver, the resulting impacts on the use of the data for the purposes VA intends, and any alternative approaches that should be considered. The VA Office of Construction and Facilities Management will make every effort to resolve these requests in a timely manner.

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