5. Model Sharing

5.1 Design

  1. The qualifications, experience, and previous success in BIM coordination of the Proposed BIM Manager and the Design Team shall be a part of the evaluation factors for AE selection.
  2. The Design Team shall be responsible for providing a fully coordinated and assembled BIM in a collaboration software format (Navisworks or equal) as well as separate copies of each technical discipline model in the original software authoring tool, as well as a 2D plan set, derived from the assembled BIM, for contract bidding.

5.2 Construction Bidding

  1. The qualifications, experience, and previous success in BIM coordination and fabrication of the proposed Construction BIM Manager, General Contractor, and major sub-contractors to achieve VA's BIM objectives shall be a part of the evaluation factors for contractor selection.
  2. During bidding, the use of BIM Standards will be announced and reviewed with potential bidders, and then reviewed with the selected General Contractor and major sub-contractors prior to the start of construction.
  3. The Contractor shall have access to the Design BIM during bidding and construction. The solicitation for bids shall define the legal status of the model to the bidders (binding, informational, reference, etc.) by determining the Contract Record Document (the BIM model(s) or the extracted 2D plan set). This decision will be made on the basis of VA business interests, the maturity of the market for BIM use, and other factors.
  4. Regardless of whether or not the Design BIM model(s) is the Contract Record Document, after a contract is awarded for construction the coordinated design BIM and all native BIM files shall be provided to the appropriate contractor entities as needed

5.3 Construction Phase

  1. It is the Contractor's responsibility to assure that all major trades are modeled and used for clash detection, construction phasing, and installation coordination.
  2. Contractor's fabrication models shall be coordinated with the design model. Any conflicts to the design model that need to be made prior to fabrication and construction shall be reported to the Design Team in the form of a Request for Information (RFI). Clash reports may also be issued by the General Contractor as background information for RFI's and submittals.

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