12. Drawing Requirements for Paper Printing

12.1 General

2D CAD drawing information for the purposes of assembling a printed set of plans shall be derived from the BIM model(s) to the fullest extent possible. All BIM information shall be fully parametric so that all applicable information regarding fixtures and/or elements can be generated for the schedules. Where required by VA, editable text files shall be attached to fixtures/elements to aid in calculations.

The National CAD Standards and the VA National CAD Standard Application Guide shall apply with these exceptions:

12.2 Diffuser Symbols

Either graphical arrows or blank-off panels may be used to represent air flow direction for diffusers.

12.3 Font

Arial font typeface shall be used. Font sizes shall comply with the VA National CAD Standards; however, the use of 3/32” TYPE is allowed. 3/32” SCALE is allowed where large elevations or floorplates would extend over more than one sheet, but 1/8” or larger scale information shall also be provided for those areas where detail cannot be discerned at the smaller scale.

12.4 Line Styles and Line Weights

Line Styles and Line Weights: The internal software BIM Line Styles defaults shall be used instead of the NCS and VA NCS Linetype definitions. The A/E has the discretion and responsibility to edit the default line weight values of the BIM software so printed documents reflect the graphic intent of NCS and VA NCS standards.

12.5 MEP Details

Where generating 2D MEP details from the model is difficult, tagged definitions of the object based elements shall be provided.

12.6 Room Naming Abbreviations

Room names on 2D drawing sheets shall be abbreviated for legibility.

12.7 Titleblocks

The VA CAD Title Block and Information shall be adapted for BIM use by the Design Team.

12.8 Uniform Parameters for Objects

The Object Element Matrix shall be used to assure that all model object parameters follow a consistent naming convention and be a reflection of industry standards.

12.9 VA Standard Details

The VA Standard Details are valid as to the information the details contain, and shall be used for information regarding material and constructability content. In lieu of pulling the source images directly into the model, the Design Team shall generate this information within the BIM model allowing for object based recognition.

12.10 Casework/Millwork Finishes [ PDF download ]

12.11 Casework/Millwork Legend [ PDF download ]

12.12 Doors [ PDF download ]

12.13 Interior Partition Types [ PDF download ]

12.14 Model Integrated Text [ PDF download ]

12.15 Room Finishes [ PDF download ]

12.16 Finish Legend [ PDF download ]

12.17 Room Numbering [ PDF download ]

12.18 Wayfinding [ PDF download ]

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