6. Collaboration Procedures

The success of a BIM enabled project delivery process is highly dependent upon the level at which the entire Design/Construction Team can communicate and work collaboratively for the duration of the project. This section documents collaboration procedures for effectively managing this process.

6.1 Project Kickoff BIM Standards Orientation

Upon award of the project, the VA shall facilitate a Pre-Negotiation Project Kickoff Orientation Meeting, which will review all VA requirements including those that apply to BIM and answer questions from the Project Team.

6.2 BIM Coordination Room(s)

A BIM Coordination room shall be provided during design and during construction for facilitating BIM design review and clash detection/coordination where all the team members can meet to discuss technical discipline coordination issues using the BIM models. Depending on the project acquisition strategy, there may be one room or there may be two rooms in succession.

Alternatively, collaboration meetings using web conferencing (webinar) is acceptable for facilitating these meetings. During Construction, the BIM Coordination Room shall be located at or near the construction site to coordinate fabrication models with respective trades.

For each BIM Coordination Room, appropriate equipment and tools shall be provided. Smart boards may be used to view documentation (2D and 3D), create mark ups interactively, archive the latter, and convert them to RFIs or other relevant reference documents.

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